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  • Subdivisions
    We have broad experience in subdivision and land development including complex subdivision projects.

    We are delighted to be involved, as solicitors, in the following projects: Seven Oaks Kinloch, Watene Lane, Northlit Retirement Living and their current project: Amano Ridge.

    Follow the links within to view the current projects.
    Posted: Monday 1 April 2019
  • Property
    Buying and selling a home is likely to be one of your biggest transactions. We can help to ensure the process goes smoothly and that you are protected at all times.

    We provide experienced ongoing advice to our clients in all property transactions. Our expertise includes:

    Residential conveyancing
    Refinancing (see our current Refinancing Offer)
    Commercial acquisitions and dispositions
    Land development, construction and financing
    Commercial leasing, including ground leases and office and retail leases
    Recovery work for secured lenders

    If you have a property matter and would like efficient, friendly and professional service, we would be happy to help.
    Posted: Friday 20 May 2016
  • Trusts
    Family Trusts are designed to protect your assets and benefit members of your family beyond your lifetime. When your assets are placed in a trust, you no longer have legal ownership of them – they are owned by the trustees of the Trust for the benefit of the beneficiaries.

    Some reasons for setting up a Family Trust can include:

    Protecting selected assets against claims and creditors – for example to protect the family home from the potential failure of a business venture
    Setting aside money for special reasons, like a child or grandchild’s education
    Ensuring your children or loved ones inheritance is protected from third parties, including their partner or spouse
    Helping to manage the risk of unwanted claims against your estate when you die, for example from a former partner or spouse

    There are risks involved with setting up a Family Trust, and often you will require legal and in some cases accounting expertise to help maintain the Trust.
    Please contact us to discuss whether a Trust may be of benefit to you based on your personal circumstances.
    Posted: Thursday 19 May 2016
  • Family
    We can assist with all family issues including separation, relationship property, care and contact of children, Protection Orders and Child Youth and Family matters.

    When family relationships come apart, individuals are faced with their own pain as well as the task of determining their own and their children's needs and obligations. MMC Law Limited is dedicated to easing this transition by ensuring our clients and their children's interests are protected.

    We recognise that varied approaches may be required depending on our clients and their family's culture and unique situation. We can assist with:

    Day to day care and contact of children (custody)
    Relationship property
    Separation agreements
    Agreements contracting out of the Property (Relationships) Act 1976 (Pre-Nuptial Agreements)
    Protection Orders
    Child Youth and Family
    Powers of Attorney
    Dissolution of Married (divorce)
    Welfare Guardianship and Property Management Orders (PPPR Act)
    Posted: Wednesday 18 May 2016
  • Wills, Estates and Powers of Attorney
    Everyone should have a will in place to assist loved ones in determining what you want to happen with your estate when you are gone, no matter your situation.

    Powers of attorney should also be put in place in case you lose capacity as these give you the ability to nominate someone to deal with your own property or personal affairs when you are no longer able to (or in the case of Property, now or if you lose capacity).

    These are incredibly important and vital documents. We can assist with all aspects and urge our clients to take steps now. Contact our team to discuss your options and to get these documents in place.
    Posted: Tuesday 17 May 2016

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