Kate Mounsey (LL.B., BSc, Dip. Tchg.) - Director

Kate Mounsey (LL.B., BSc, Dip. Tchg.) - Director

Kate graduated in 1998 from Waikato University with Law and Science degrees.  She then trained as a primary school teacher and taught full time for two years before leaving paid employment to be home with she and Tom's three children. In 2008, Kate completed her Professional Studies and was admitted to the bar.

Kate practices solely in Family Law, and in particular matters relating to children (eg care, custody, OT) and domestic violence.  Kate is appointed to represent children as Lawyer for Child and is a trained mediator, available to undertake private mediations. Relationship Property is not an area of practise, however there are others in the firm who can assist.

Email Kate by way of following online form or kmounsey@mmclaw.co.nz

Posted: Tue 10 Sep 2019

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